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AI Skill Setter

Sacha Ligthert submitted his SL’s AI Skill Setter.

Quote :
SL’s AI Skill Setter is a mod that sets the skill and other behavior of units determined by the admin or mission maker with commands made available by Bohemia Interactive for ArmA 3. Since BIS has improved the AI to the point where it satisfies my needs but vanilla still are Rambo Sniper AI, I needed a mod that reduced these skills without adding extra fluff. So I made this mode.

What differs from this mod (as far as I’ve seen) compared to other mods is that this just reduces the skill and allows you to change a few characteristics. And this either through SQF, triggers or a debug console on the fly in the way the script is set up (it loops).


  • Sets AI skills to pleasing levels that allows for long firefights (and punishment if you make mistakes)
  • Has default settings, but allows for changes to be made on the fly through scripting, triggers or the debug console
  • Works with AI local to the game. So Zeus running this mod would set spawned unit skills automatically
  • Makes use of SQF offered by ArmA 3