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Watkins Glen Stockcar


1. SVO 1:12.087

Watkins Glen Stockcar

Megane Trophy II

1. SVO 1:15.445

2. Crapgame 1:15.6917

3. Mav 1:15.8671

4. Odd 1:20.9129

5. Mort 1:23.1087

6. Superbird N/A

Watkins Glen Indycar

Megane Trophy II

1. Odd 2:00.1626

2. SVO 2:04.9672

3. Mav 2:08.2885

4. Mort 2:39.0437

5. Superbird N/A

6. Crapgame N/A

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Stock Car Guide Part 1

Community Announcements – marrs
As novice stock car simracers quickly realize, oval racing isn’t just about turning left, it consists of a complex interplay of many intricate parts! As a genre, stock car is highly dependent on a unique set of “rules” that must be implemented to properly simulate the strategy and “controlled chaos” that make oval racing exciting.

Key elements like full-course cautions, special penalties like EOLLs, and rewards such as the “Lucky Dog” and “Wave Around”, are all very specific to stock car racing – and rFactor 2 simulates all of these!

The rules of stock car racing can be difficult to grasp, especially for someone starting out, and without at least some prior knowledge, it might seem a little intimidating just to dip your toes into oval racing. To fully experience stock car racing, you need to do more than just try to take a fast line on track. There’s a whole host of things you must be aware of and keep track of, all at the same time! To let you get the most fun out of racing, we’re writing a series of short guides that will explain the basic rules of stock car racing.

This first article will look at the “full-course caution” and how it works in rFactor 2. You can read the rest of it here: https://www.studio-397.com/2017/01/stock-car-guide-part-1-the-full-course-caution/

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Released

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